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What is a bitcoin private key?

A private key in the context of Bitcoin is a secret number that allows bitcoins to be spent. Every Bitcoin wallet contains one or more private keys, which are saved in the wallet file. The private keys are mathematically related to all Bitcoin addresses generated for the wallet. Whit a private Key you can spent all bitcoin address balance.

And how to use it?

You can import a private key into an existing wallet. A tutorial for Exodus wallet can be found here


This is a clearnet link

and one for Electrum Bitcoin Wallet here


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Can you trust us?

For each address we made a screenshot of the Electrum or exodus wallet with the private key, in addition you can use a blockchain explorer like


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This is a clearnet link

to check the balance of the address.
We sell the results of our hacks and exploits, because we don't want to be investigated. If we spend all Bitcoin address balance, maybe the authorities can investigate us. But if different people spend the Bitcoin, nobody investigate anything.
address 1
addres 1
Address: 1LYxz6...SOLD...2ZRpDbCKevw8JiZAhX Buy Now
Private key: L2qzW70...SOLD...******************************pBSPNS
Balance: 0.957 BTC ($ 51651)
Price: 0.033 BTC / 1781 USD
address 3
addres 3
Address: 1G9mC1EJbkSCsNRjk7c1cNRfuPRyDMek7y Buy Now
Private Key: KyXd****************************************Kh8eXxfL
Balance: 0.40673 BTC
Price: 0.0017 BTC

address 7
addres 7
Address: 1Cjcu2icnH5UMqPRuJSh1cy65i543e1K49 Buy Now
Private Key: KxU****************************************xBPorpt
Balance: 0.64262 BTC
Price: 0.0024 BTC

address 18
addres 18
Address: 1MUsPW...SOLD...K2ZzGrchEziiW8Yt4w Buy Now
Private Key: L3Z6Jc...SOLD...****************************************X5eTuz
Balance: 0.15076 BTC ($ 8137)
Price: 0.0014 BTC / 76 USD
address 2
addres 2
Address: 1GxvA8X2PZrArgiTEkaBJZSfDXrRgsK2Fe Buy Now
Private Key: KyviZK6****************************************PExS5t
Balance: 0.91 BTC
Price: 0.0035 BTC

address 4
addres 4
Address: 1Dh8PGeDEdb4f1ECRs7NiJHyx8cfZAj5fX Buy Now
Private Key: L1LDpw****************************************PXm2N3c
Balance: 3.40304403 BTC
Price: 0.012 BTC

address 1
addres 1
Address: 1FrTbAYKctAuyerfp4ktJ6jW94vJJMyW6s Buy Now
Private Key: Kzz3XsU****************************************HG2xqR
Balance: 7.321 BTC
Price: 0.0258 BTC

address 5
addres 5
Address: 1Djwv5...SOLD...SkAPRJaNyp7nGH1eUj Buy Now
Private Key: L2MTLV...SOLD...******************************NxD55b
Balance: 42.23 BTC / 2279220 USD
Price: 3.167 BTC / 170928 USD
address 12
addres 12
Address: 17DyWS...SOLD...YWBDHTSQkxjMQPf Buy Now
Private Key: KwvxmR...SOLD...********************************MqqnRg
Balance: 0.633 BTC ($ 34164)
Price: 0.0059 BTC
address 7
addres 7
Address: 1N8L17Z7D6bBCWkSKABDf2qqJNHT1R9fv7 Buy Now
Private Key: L59zs****************************************g2tPqf
Balance: 2.20614746 BTC
Price: 0.0074 BTC

address 5
addres 5
Address: 17FuYAV1cYpWrPLFiNUVNsePm2AnJzBXrz Buy Now
Private Key: KyLCG****************************************xGgp43
Balance: 15.9999058 BTC
Price: 0.0556 BTC

address 6
addres 6
Address: 1NibfhHfgA857dtG6pB25Y5hDcxpDo2J47 Buy Now
Private Key: Kznm***************************************hi5koU6
Balance: 11.26827053 BTC
Price: 0.0371 BTC

Notes and recommendations:

For our and your safety we recommend to exchange the Bitcoin in Monero.
If a private key is sold, it is also marked as sold, the sale is made to the first person who sends a payment.